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Emerald Iron

All work Guaranteed bespoke craftsmanship qualified engineers

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Specialising in Gates ,Security, Fencing, one off fabrications

Domestic Commercial Industrial

Iron Railings and Gates

Security Products

Staircases & Bannisters

One Off Fabrications

Balconies & Ballustrading

Wrought iron

All custom Iron work

Automatic gates

One off bespoke items

Emerald Iron is a professional metal-working shop. We specialise in one-of-a-kind decorative wrought iron products. But we also fabricate utility products such as security doors, security windows (which may also be artistic in design), as well as other fittings.

Most clients come to us at the “idea” stage of their project and ask us to make and manufacturer based on their idea or design a custom solution for them. However, we are fully capable of providing any or all of these services:

1. Consultation/Planning

2. Product Design

3. Production (forging, casting, machining)

4. Finishing/Polishing

5. Installation

Emerald Iron works with owners, developers and managers of:

Commercial properties (exterior, interior applications), and

Domestic properties (condos, flats, estates, single homes, housing developments).

Quality Assured

Our Gates

Our Wrought Iron gates are:

Custom-made to customer requirements.

Bars are centralised and fully welded in the middle of the frame to give the gate the same appearance on either side. This will also make for a stronger gate

After galvanising each gate is individually sanded and inspected prior to powdercoating.